Integral sleep ergonomics counseling

Do you toss and turn in bed at night, feeling like you’re knocked out the next morning? You want to sleep better to be rested and efficient during the day? You are not on your own.

Restful sleep is the key to our well-being and daily performance. That’s why we take the topic of restful sleep and every customer with their individual requirements very seriously. We understand the essentiell role of restful sleep in the process of healing, regeneration, vitalization, and recovery of the nervous system and psyche. During deep sleep, the so-called REM sleep (English: Rapid Eye Movement), these processes of physical regeneration take place. The importance of fast eye movements is still not fully understood in sleep research today.

It is our concern that you sleep well and comfortable, that you find your REM sleep or deep sleep phases and use them for physical recovery. For clients with sleep problems (also due to the wrong bed), falling asleep takes very long and the sleep is disturbed by frequent waking up. The body cannot recover at night because of the interrupted sleeping rhythm, so you wake up exhausted and tired in the morning. Therefore, it is very important to us to find the right bed (or mattress) for you so that you can start the day feeling refreshed and fit.

Why should you consult HOME Schlafen & Wohnen in Erkelenz?

Our integral sleep ergonomics advice takes into account your individual requirements. Therefore, we recommend only sleep systems that suit you. Our competence also convinces professionals. More and more orthopedists, allergists and physiotherapists recommend us to your patients.

Our competence results from many years of intensive cooperation with doctors and physiotherapists. This cooperation lasts: This ensures you that we always take the latest scientific researches into account whilst your consultation.

Do you have questions or would you like a detailed consultation? We look forward to your visit. You wish a consultation at your home – that is no problem at all!

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Heike Zimmermann

For over 20 years, I advise people in the field of restful sleep. For every person sleep should be a feeling of well-being that he is looking forward to every evening. From many years of experience, I know that sleep disorders are often associated with various diseases. Therefore, you are in our integral sleep counseling always in the focus. I’m looking forward to your visit!

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